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80 Gospel-Based Crossword Puzzles for Year B
Available on Amazon.
ISBN-10: 1724273434 

Contact me at if you would like to order an autographed copy ($9.99 plus shipping charges).

80 Gospel-Based Crossword Puzzles for Year B contains puzzles with short devotionals and solutions for Grades 4-8. There is one puzzle for each Sunday of the liturgical year plus a few extra.

Church leaders, teachers, and parents use them for church bulletins, Children’s Liturgy, Children’s Church, Sunday School, and home Bible Study. It includes a license to print copies of puzzles to share with classes, etc.

Each puzzle is based on a particular Gospel scripture and has a short devotional. The puzzles are page 1-80. The solutions begin on page 81 with four solutions on each page. The book is 8.5 x 11 inches.

Buyer’s License. I hereby give permission to any person who purchases a copy of 80 Gospel-Based Crossword Puzzles for Year B to print as many copies of each puzzles as he/she needs for personal, classroom, or church use.

I dedicated this book to God and His Children.  I first created Gospel-Based puzzles and devotionals in 2002. In caring for my mother, sometimes she wasn’t able to get to church. I thought children who might not get to church might want to work these puzzles online or print them out at home. I am very thankful that Father Thomas Meehan agreed to let me add them to the website of  St. John Neumann Catholic Church website in Charlotte, North Carolina. That inspired me to take a course and I set up my own website to put the puzzles and devotionals there.

I added short devotionals in 2005 to make them more meaningful. In 2018 I began putting these puzzles in book format to make them more convenient and hopefully reach a bigger audience. I hope you enjoy working these puzzles.

Hearing from you makes me smile. I appreciate your reviews because they let me and others know what you like or don’t like. Your opinions matter.


My middle school students request these crossword puzzles every week in Sunday School. They also like the corresponding word search puzzles to build their word bank. They even ask for more puzzles to keep them busy during school breaks. No one complains about students asking for more Bible study.
…Pamela Bryson, Ph.D.
Educational Psychology

I have used Joan’s crosswords from time to time in our parish newsletter. They are very useful and informative and cover the entire liturgical year.
…Ken Chang On – St. Anthony’s Parish
Petit Valley, Trinidad & Tobago


Current Year
Year B began Advent 2017 

Next book: Year C , then Year A

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