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Cycle A


Cycle B


Cycle C

A1 1st Sunday in Advent

A2 2nd Sunday in Advent

A3 3rd Sunday in Advent

A4 4th Sunday in Advent

A4aChristmas Vigil.htm

A4b Christmas Midnight

A4c Christmas Dawn

A4d Christmas Day

A5 Holy Family

A6 Epiphany of the Lord

A7 Baptism of Jesus

A8 2nd Ordinary

A9 3rd Ordinary

A10 4th Ordinary

A11a 5th Ordinary

Allb 6th Ordinary

Allc 7th Ordinary

Alld Ash Wednesday

A12 1stSunday in Lent

A13 2ndSunday in Lent

A14 3rdSunday in Lent

A15 4th Sunday in Lent
A16 5th Sunday in Lent

A17 Passion Sunday

A18 Easter Sunday

A19 2ndSunday of Easter

A20 3rdSunday of Easter

A21 4th Sunday of Easter

A22 5th Sunday of Easter

A23 6th Sunday of Easter

A24 Ascension

A24a 7th Sunday of Easter

A25 Pentecost Sunday

A25a 8th Ordinary

A26 Holy Trinity

A27 Body of Christ

A27a 9th Ordinary

A28 10th Ordinary

A29 11th Ordinary

A30 12th Ordinary

A31 13th Ordinary

A31a St. Peter and St. Paul

A32 14th Ordinary

A33 15th Ordinary

A34 16th Ordinary

A35 17th Ordinary

A36 18th Ordinary

A37 19th Ordinary

A38 20th Ordinary

A39 21st Ordinary

A40 22nd Ordinary

A41 23rd Ordinary

A42 24th Ordinary

A42a Holy Cross

A43 25th Ordinary

A44 26th Ordinary

A45 27th Ordinary

A46 28th Ordinary

A47 29th Ordinary

A48 30th Ordinary

A49 31st Ordinary

A49a All Souls' Day
A50 32nd Ordinary

A50a Lateran Basilica in Rome

A51 33rd Ordinary

A52 34th Ord Christ the King

B1 1st Sunday in Advent

B2 2nd Sunday in Advent

B2a Immaculate Conception

B2b Our Lady of Guadalupe

B3 3rd Sunday in Advent

B4 4th Sunday in Advent

B4aChristmas Vigil

B4b Christmas Midnight

B4c Christmas Dawn

B4d Christmas Day

B4d Extra Christmas Day

B5 Holy Family

B5a Mary, Mother of God

B6 Epiphany

B7 1st Ordinary Baptism of Jesus

B8 2nd Ordinary

B9 3rd Ordinary

B10 4th Ordinary

B10a Presentation to the Lord

B11 5th Ordinary

B12 6th Ordinary

B13 7th Ordinary

B13a 8th Ordinary

B13b Ash Wednesday

B14 1stSunday of Lent

B14a 9th Ordinary

B15 2nd Sunday of Lent

B16 3rd Sunday of Lent

B16a St. Joseph, Husband of Mary

B17 4th Sunday of Lent

B17a Annunciation

B18 5th Sunday of Lent

B19 Passion-Palm Sunday

B19a Procession of the Palms

B20 Easter Sunday

B21 Divine Mercy Sunday

B22 3rdSunday of Easter

B23 4th Sunday of Easter

B24 5th Sunday of Easter

B25 6th Sunday of Easter

B26a Ascension of the Lord

B26 7th Sunday of Easter

B27 Pentecost

B27a Vigil of Pentecost

B28 Holy Trinity

B28a 10thOrdinary

B29 Body and Blood of Christ

B29a Sacred Heart

B29b 11th Ordinary

B30 12th Ordinary

B30a St. John the Baptist

B31 13th Ordinary

B31a Saints Peter and Paul

B31b Vigil of Sts. Peter and Paul

B32 14th Ordinary

B33 15th Ordinary

B34 16th Ordinary

B35 17th Ordinary

B36 18th Ordinary

B36a Transfiguration

B37 19th Ordinary

B37a Assumption

B38 20th Ordinary

B39 21st Ordinary

B40 22nd Ordinary

B41 23rd Ordinary

B42 24th Ordinary

B42a Holy Cross

B43 25th Ordinary

B44 26th Ordinary

B45 27th Ordinary

B46 28th Ordinary

B47 29th Ordinary

B48 30th Ordinary

B49 31st Ordinary

B49a All Saintsí Day

B49b All Souls Day

B50 32nd Ordinary

B50a Lateran Basilica in Rome

B51 33rd Ordinary

B52 34th Ord Christ the King

C1 1stSunday in Advent

C2 2nd Sunday in Advent

C3 3rdSunday in Advent

C4 4th Sunday in Advent

C4a Christmas Vigil

C4b Christmas Midnight, No Room in the Inn

C4c Christmas Dawn

C4d Christmas Day

C5 Feast of the Holy Family

C6 Epiphany of the Lord

C7 Baptism of Jesus

C8 2nd Ordinary Marriage Feast at Cana
C9 3rd Ordinary

C10 4th Ordinary

C11 5th Ordinary

C12 6th Ordinary

C13 7th Ordinary

C14 1st Sunday in Lent

C15 2nd Sunday in Lent

C16 3rdSunday in Lent

C17 4th Sunday in Lent

C18 5th Sunday in Lent

C19 Passion Sunday

C20 Easter Sunday

C21 2ndSunday of Easter

C22 3rdSunday of Easter

C23 4th Sunday of Easter

C24 5th Sunday of Easter

C25 6th Sunday of Easter

C26a Ascension Sunday

C26 7th Sunday of Easter

C27 Pentecost

C27a 8th Ordinary

C28 Holy Trinity

C28a9th Ordinary

C29 10th Sunday, Body and Blood of Christ

C30 11th Ordinary

C31a 12th Ordinary

C31b Nativity of St. John the Baptist

C31c 13th Ordinary

C32 14th Ordinary

C33 15th Ordinary

C34 16th Ordinary

C35 17th Ordinary

C36 18th Ordinary

C37 19th Ordinary††

C38 Feast of the Assumption

C38a 20th Ordinary

C39 21stOrdinary

C40 22ndOrdinary

C41 23rdOrdinary
C42 24th Ordinary

C43 25th Ordinary

C44 26th Ordinary

C45 27th Ordinary

C46 28th Ordinary

C47 29th Ordinary

C48 30th Ordinary

C49 31stOrdinary

C50 32ndOrdinary

C51 33rdOrdinary

C52 34th Ord Christ the King