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Crossword Puzzles

Cycle A


Puzzle in PDF Format


A1 Be Ready for Jesus

A2 I Baptize You with Water

A3 The Deaf Hear

A4 Joseph Takes Mary As Wife

A4a Son of David

A4b No Room in the Inn

A4c Shepherds Visit Baby Jesus

A4d Jesus Is the Light of the World

A5 Holy Family Leaves for Egypt

A6 Magi with Gifts

A7 Baptism of Jesus

A8 Lamb of God

A9 Fishers of Men

A10 Blessed Are the Peacemakers

A11a You Are the Light

A11b Forgive Your Brother

A11c Love Your Enemies

A11d Pray in Your Room

A12 Jesus Says ďNoĒ

A13 Jesus Becomes Dazzling White

A14 You Shall Not Thirst

A15 Blind Man Sees

A16 Lazarus Come Out

A17 Branches of Honor.

A17a St. Patrick's Day

A18 He Is Arisen

A18 Easter

A19 Receive the Holy Spirit

A20 Road to Emmaus
A21 Shepherd Calls You by Name

A22 I Will Prepare a Place for You

A23 If You Love Me

A24 All Power

A24a I Glorify You

A25 Receive the Holy Spirit

A25a Serve Only One Master

A26 God So Loved the World

A27 Body and Blood of Christ

A27a Do the Will of My Father in Heaven

A27a Do the Will of My Father in Heaven

A28 Jesus Calls Sinners

A29 Sheep with No Shepherd

A30 Even the Hairs on Your Head Are Counted

A31 I Love God More

A31a Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church

A32 Come to Me

A33 Sow Seeds in Rich Soil

A34 Gather the Wheat

A35 Good Fish Are Put into Buckets

A36 Five Loaves and Two Fish

A37 Command Me

A38 Lord Help Me

A39 You Are Peter

A40 Jesus Must Be Killed

A41 If Two Agree in Prayer

A42 Forgive Seventy Times Seven

A42a God So Loved the World

A43 The Last Will Be First

A44 I Donít Want to

A45 They Will Respect My Son

A46 Come to My Wedding Feast

A47 Pay to Caesar

A48 Love God with Your Whole Heart

A49 Whoever Exalts Himself Will Be Humbled

A49a I Will Not Reject You

A50 Ten Virgins with Lamps and Oil

A50aSolution Stop Making My Fatherís House a Marketplace

A51 Ten Talents

A52 What You Do for the Least

Crossword Puzzles

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Cycle B†††††††††††††††


Puzzle in PDF Format


B1 Be Alert

B2 Baptism of Repentance

B2a I Am the Handmaid of the Lord

B2b Mary Kept These Things in Her Heart

B3 Voice Crying Out in the Desert

B4 You Shall Name Him Jesus

B4a Christmas Vigil Son of David

B4b No Room in the Inn

B4c Christmas Dawn Shepherds Visit Baby Jesus

B4d Christmas Day Jesus Is the Light of the World

B5 Jesus Grew and Became Strong

B5a Mary Was Amazed

B6 Magi from the East

B7 Jesus Came to Be Baptized

B8 Behold the Lamb of God

B9 Fishers of Men

B10 Jesus Teaches in the Synagogue

B10a Baby Jesus Is Presented to the Lord

B11 Driving Out Demons

B12 Curing a Leper

B13 Pick Up Your Mat and Walk

B13a Fasting

B13b Donít Blow a Trumpet Before You

B14 Repent and Believe

B14a The Sabbath Was Made for Man

B15 Jesus Is Transfigured

B16 Moneychangers in the Temple

B16a Joseph Took Mary His Wife into His Home

B17 Moses Lifted Up the Serpent

B17a You Will Bear a Son

B18 Grains of Wheat

B19 Passion and Death

B20 He Is Risen

B21 Doubting Thomas

B22 Is Jesus Alive or a Ghost

B23 Good Shepherd

B24 I Am the Vine

B25 Love One Another

B26 Protect Them from the Evil One

B26a Proclaim the Gospel

B27 Receive the Holy Spirit

B27a Rivers of Living Water Are Flowing

B28 Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

B28a All Sins and All Blasphemies

B29 Bread and Wine, Body and Blood

B29a Like a Mustard Seed

B29b Sins Are Forgiven

B30 Wind and Sea Obey

B30a John Is His Name

B31 Faith Heals

B31a Upon You I Build My Church

B31b Do You Love Me

B32 Hometown Faith

B33 Take Nothing but a Walking Stick

B34 Sheep without a Shepherd

B35 Five Loaves and Two Fish

B36 I Am the Bread of Life

B36a Jesus Is Transfigured

B37a My Soul Proclaims the Goodness of the Lord

B37 I Came Down from Heaven

B38 I Am the Living Bread

B39 Spirit Gives Life

B40 Good or Evil

B41 Jesus Heals the Deaf and Mute

B42 Take Up Your Cross

B42a God So Loved the World

B43 I Am the Greatest

B44 Fire Never Stops Burning in Gehenna

B45 Let Children Come to Me

B46 Sell What You Have

B47 Right or Left Side

B48 I Want to See

B49 Love God above All

B49a Lazarus Come Out

B49b I Will Not Reject You

B50a Turning the Tables Over

B50 She Gave All

B51 My Words Will Last Forever††

B52 Not of This World

Crossword Puzzles

Cycle C


Puzzle in PDF Format


C1 Be Strong

C2 Crying Out in the Desert

C3 Share with Others

C4 Blessed Are You Among Women

C4a Son of David

C4b No Room in the Inn

C4c Shepherds Visit Baby Jesus

C4d Jesus Is the Light of the World
C5 The Holy Family

C6 Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh
C7 Baptism of Jesus

C8 Wedding Feast at Cana
C9 Jesus Fulfills Prophecy of Isaiah
C10 Only the Son of Joseph

C11 Now You Will Be Catching Men

C12 Blessed Are the Poor

C13 Treat Others Like You Want to Be Treated

C13a Keep Your Good Deeds a Secret
C14 Jesus Says "No" to the Devil
C15 Listen to My Son
C16 Be a Fig Tree of Kindness

C17 The Prodigal Son

C17a St. Patrickís Day
C18 He Who Is Without Sin Throw the First Stone

C19 Your Sins Are Gone Forever
C20 Jesus Is Risen

C20 Easter Eggs
C21 Peace Be With You

C22 Cast Your Net

C23 My Sheep My Voice Hear

C24 Love One Another

C25 God Will Dwell Within You
C26 The World Knows That You Sent Me

C26a Jesus Ascends into Heaven

C27 Whose Sins You Forgive
C27a The Splinter in Your Brotherís Eye

C28 The Holy Trinity
C28a I Am Not Worthy

C29 Loaves and Fishes
C30 The Sinful Woman
C31a Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection

C31b Nativity of St. John the Baptist

C31c Follow Me Now

C32 Your Name Is Written in the Heavens
C33 The Good Samaritan

C34 Take Time to Talk with God

C35 Ask and You Shall Receive

C36 Store up Treasures for Your Soul

C37 Where Your Treasure Is

C38 My Soul Magnifies the Lord

C38a I Have Come to Set the World on Fire

C39 Choose the Narrow Gate
C40 Move to a Higher Place of Honor

C41 Make God Number One

C42 The Prodigal Son

C43 Serve Only One Master

C44 Share Your Riches with the Poor

C45 Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed

C46 Be Filled with Thankfulness

C47 Keep Praying Night and Day

C48 The Humble Will Be Exalted

C49 Come Down, Zacchaeus

C50 No Marriage in Heaven

C51 Not a Hair on Your Head Will Be Destroyed

C52 Today You Will Be with Me in Paradise