Cycle B

Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

B41 Skit Jesus Heals the Deaf and Mute

Be Open and Hear

A Skit for Children’s Liturgy

By Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright © 2003 Joan Y. Edwards.  All rights reserved.

Mark 7:31-37


Skit for B41 Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jesus Heals the Deaf and Mute

Be Open and Hear

Making a Deaf and Mute man possessed by the devil to hear and to speak.




6 People from the district of Decapolis near the Sea of Galilee









Joshua-Deaf & Mute Man


Modern Day:



Narrator:  Jesus left the area of Tyre and went by way of Sidon to the Sea of Galilee into an area called Decapolis.  A big crowd welcomed him at the gates to the town.  They had heard he was coming.  They wanted him to heal a friend.


Samuel:  Jessica, we’ve got to get Joshua and hurry to the front gates of town.  Jesus is coming.

Jessica:  Why do you want to see Jesus?

Samuel:  He can heal Joshua.  I know he can.

Susannah: Joshua used to be able to hear and talk.  I wonder what happened.

Mark:  I think the devil tied his tongue down so he can’t speak and put plugs in his ears, so he cannot hear. 

Susannah:  How awful!

Narrator:  So Jessica signed to Joshua saying, “Come with us.  Jesus will heal you.”

(Jessica signing to Joshua) Come with us.  Jesus will heal you.”


Samuel, Jessica, Susannah, and David, Mark, and two others take Joshua by the hand and lead him to Jesus at the gate.  Together they say:  Jesus, please lay your hand on Joshua and heal him. 


Jesus:  Let’s get him away from the crowds here. 

Narrator:  Jesus put his fingers into his ears.  Then he spat on the ground around Joshua so that the Devil would not interfere with this healing. (The Devil takes off, after stomping around Joshua disgusted at being foiled again.)

Then Jesus touched his tongue.  Then looking up to heaven, Jesus sighed and said to him, “Ephphatha,” which means be opened. 

Joshua:  (He was able to get the plugs out of his ears and the cloth ties off of his tongue.) Thank you, my Lord.

Jesus:  (Talking to Joshua and his friends) Tell no one about how I made Joshua be able to hear and to speak again.

Narrator:  However, Joshua and his friends were so excited that they told everyone they met:  Jesus has done everything well.

(Each character except for Jesus, the devil, and the narrator goes out into the congregation and says the two lines:  Jesus has done everything well.  He even makes the deaf to hear and the mute to speak.)

Narrator:  And still today you may hear people in St. John Neumann Church telling about how Jesus has healed them and their friends.

Larry: I got a hearing aid. Now I can hear my Mother singing and Father Thom’s sermons. (kneeling and bowing low at altar)  Thank you, Lord.

Meredith: (kneeling at altar and bowing low) My friend went to speech therapy and now I can understand every word she says. 

Narrator:  God is so good. He sends his Son in the form of doctors, nurses, mothers, fathers, friends, and strangers to heal us even today.


(Everyone in the cast) (Kneeling and bowing low, saying)  We thank you, heavenly Father for the healing graces of your son, Jesus Christ.  Amen.