A14 Skit ďYou Shall Not ThirstĒ for Third Sunday in Lent, Cycle A

Written by Joan Y. Edwards


Copyright 2005, Joan Y. Edwards



John 4:5-26,28-30,39-42 New American Bible

John 4:5-26,28-30,39-42 Bible Gateway New International Version

Props:Well, Water Jar, table for Youth Group Bible Study with Bible on it





Annie, the Samaritan Woman







George (teen)

David (teen)



Narrator:Jesus came to a town of Samaria.Jacob's well was there. Jesus, tired from his journey, sat down at the well. Then a Samaritan Woman came to get water.††

Jesus:Give me a drink.


Samaritan Woman: You are a Jew.Jews donít like Samaritans and wonít have anything to do with us, why are you asking me for a drink?


Jesus: If you only knew that I am the gift of God and if you asked me for a drink, I would have given you living water.


Samaritan Woman:Sir, you do not even have a bucket and the well is deep. How and where then could you get this living water?Are you greater than our father Jacob, who gave us this well and drank from it with his children and his flocks of sheep?


Jesus: Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again.Whoever drinks the living waterfrom me will never thirst.The living water I give will become a spring of eternal life.


Samaritan Woman: Sir, give me this water so that I may never be thirsty again.Then I wonít have to keep coming here to draw water and carrying it all the way back to my home.


Jesus: Go get your husband and come back.


Samaritan Woman: I do not have a husband.


Jesus: You are right. What you have said is true. You have had five husbands, and the man at your home now is not your husband.


Samaritan Woman: Sir, I can see that you are a prophet. Our ancestors worshiped on this mountain; but you Jewish people say that the place to worship is in Jerusalem.


Jesus: Believe me, woman, the hour is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. That is why you need to drink the water of everlasting life.


Samaritan Woman: I know that the Messiah, the one called the Anointed, is coming.When he comes, he will tell us everything.


Jesus: I am he.


Narrator:The Samaritan Woman left so quickly, she left her water jar behind and went into the town.


Samaritan Woman: Come see a man who told me everything I have ever done. He says heís the



Woman 1: Do you think heís the Messiah?


Samaritan Woman:Yes.He knew that I had five husbands and that I am not married now.


Woman2:Annie, have you ever seen this man before?


Samaritan Woman:No.When I went to the well, he was just sitting there, and he asked me for

a drink of water.


Woman1:How could he have known all about your husbands?


Samaritan Woman:He knows because he is the Messiah, just as he said.


Woman 2: I believe he was the Messiah because of what you told me, Annie.


Woman 3:I wonít believe with out seeing this man face to face and hearing the words about me and my life from his own mouth.


Narrator: So the Samaritan Woman, those who believed by her word, and others who went to the well to see Jesus and decide for themselves if he was the Messiah.


Man 1:Please come and stay at my house.I will give you food and water.


Woman 3:We want to talk with you and decide for ourselves if you truly are the Messiah.


Narrator:Jesus stayed with them for two days.He talked to each one of them and told them all about their lives.


Man 2:Annie, we no longer believe just because of what you told us.


Woman 3: He told me things I have done in my life that no one but the Messiah would know.


Man 1:He talked about the living water and that one day each of us will live in eternity with God, his heavenly Father.I now believe this man and the word he speaks.


Woman 1:That is true.Now we have heard for ourselves and we know that this man, Jesus is truly the savior of the world.


Narrator:Even today people are still trying to figure out if Jesus was truly the

Savior of the World.Even today people forget that Jesus the Messiah knows everything they do.Here we take you to St. John Neumann Catholic ChurchÖItís the Third Sunday in Lent and one George is tiring of his Lenten Resolutions.He and David are waiting for Youth Group Bible Study to begin.


George:I sure am hungry.I gave up eating pizza, tacos, cakes and cookies for Lent.


David:When did you eat last?


George:30 minutes ago.I also gave up kolas and sodas.


David:When did you have something to drink?


George:30 minutes ago.


David:That long.




George:What?Hey, Who is that?Where are you?


God:Iím over here.Near the window.


Where:Iím in the Homeless Man outside this window who has gone without food for 3 days.You are complaining about having nothing to eat in 30 minutes.


George:You heard that.You heard me bragging and complaining.


God:I hear everything. You donít have to broadcast your good works.I know everything you do.


George:What about David?Do you know what he gave up for Lent?


God:Yes.David is working every afternoon after school to earn money to pay his sisterís doctor bills.


George:David never told me that.

God:He would if you asked him.But he wonít shout it.He prefers to do my work behind the scenes.I know everything he is doing and he knows it.So heís not doing it to impress anybody.


George:What did I do on my 8th birthday?


God:You invited 4 people who were new to your school to your birthday party.I was so proud of you.I added a few extra pepperonis to your heavenly pizza.


George:So what you are saying to me is if I donít blow my own horn, you will blow it for me when I get to heaven.


God:Exactly. That is very true.


George:Iím not going to brag from now on.†† Iíll prove it to you, Lord.Youíll see a change in me. Bye now.(Walking over to David) Hey, David.




George:Whatís going on with your sister?Iíve heard she has to have an operation.


David:Yes. Iím working at Lopieís Grocery Store every day after school to earn money to pay for it.But it costs thousands of dollars.


George:Do they need more after-school help at Lopieís? I can work there and give you what I earn to help your sister.


David:You would be willing to do that for me and for my sister.


George:Yes, I would.(Aside to God)Psst.Lord.Is this how you wanted me to do it?


God:What you do for others, you do for me. You are drinking the water of eternal life.

You are my beloved son, in whom I am well-pleased.


Narrator:God is standing behind each one of you right now, the young and the old, children of all ages.He has a record of all you do for others in his name.Listen closely and you will hear him:


God:You are my beloved child in whom I am well-pleased.