Children’s Liturgy Materials – Great Resources

Dear Children’s Liturgy Leader,

The following Gather the Children books explain all of the readings for each Sunday of the liturgical year. I have found that I don't have time to do all the readings and explain them in detail. So I just concentrate on the Gospel. Another lady who does the liturgy, does the responsorial psalm and the Gospel. After I greet them, explain what the Gospel is about, read the Gospel, and have them act it out, then have them relate to it with their own experiences, and sing a song, my time is up. I used these books the first few years I did the Children's Liturgy, but now I don't. It takes about 4 weeks for Amazon to send them. I would suggest you order one of the current church Cycle copies to see if you like it.


Gather the Children by Mary Berglund Cycle A  If it says it’s not available, click on Mary Berglund’s name or search title again.


Gather the Children by Mary Berglund Cycle B


Gather the Children by Mary Berglund Cycle C


We give children these handouts each Sunday: "Explaining God's Word." You can order as many as you think you will need to hand to the children each week. Children look forward to taking these home. Liguori Publications Phone Toll Free (800) 325-9521.  Liguori also has a handout for older children. You could call and ask for samples of both.

Our religious education classes send home a publication called “Catholic Corner,” J.S. Paluch Co., Inc. 1-800-566-6150

St. Ann’s church where I do children’s liturgy now uses Pflaum materials: called Children Celebrate. It has a teacher’s guide and activity sheets to give out to children each week. Toll free 866-532-2608.


I hope that this will help you. May God bless you.


The Holy Spirit will guide you, as he has me. I promise.



Joan Y. Edwards