Cycle C

Good News #C19

Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion


Luke 22:14-71 New American Bible


Luke 23:1-56 New American Bible


 Luke 23:1-49 New American Bible



 Luke 22:14-71 Bible Gateway NIV


 Luke 23:1-56 Bible Gateway NIV


 Luke 23:1-49 Bible Gateway NIV




This is Palm Sunday.  Every day is the perfect time to dedicate ourselves to God.  But, there is just one more week to dedicate ourselves to God before Easter.

Peter told Jesus he was ready to die for him. Yet, when people asked him if he was a friend of Jesus, he said, “No.”  He not only said, “I don’t know him one time, but Peter denied knowing Jesus Christ three times before the cock crowed.  What happened to Peter?  Peter got scared...very scared.  How many times have we gotten scared and rejected God’s will?  How many times have we been so scared that we forgot to obey one of God’s commandments?  Did Jesus still love Peter even though, he denied knowing him?  Yes, Jesus forgave Peter and just as he forgave Peter, he forgives each of us when our “humanity steps in.” He died on the cross as a human being so that God the Father would forgive us for our sins. 

My youngest granddaughter who is almost three years old said something that reminded me of God’s forgiveness for our sins.  We were having a water party, instead of a tea party.  When she spilled a little water, she wiped it up with a napkin.  Then she walked to the trash can, threw the napkin inside, looked down in the trashcan and said, “Gone forever.”  Each time she spilled a little of the water, she would do the same thing. This is how God works with us.  When we make a mistake, God wipes it up, and puts it in his trash can of forgiveness where it is “gone forever.”  He does this because his only Son Jesus Christ died on the cross for us.

Being human, sometimes it is very difficult to forgive others.  Once or twice or three times we might remember the bad things people did to us.  We get angry all over again.  We have taken the note out of our trash can of forgiveness.  Then we have to take this through the tunnel of love and forgiveness again.  Then we ask God to help us let go.  We ask God to help us to love and forgive ourselves, and others again. The more we become like God, the more times when we forgive others, we can truly say, “I forgive you.  Don’t worry about it.  It is gone forever.”          

Say the “Our Father.” Thank God for helping you forgive others and to forgive yourself.  Each time you forgive and ask to be forgiven you get a little closer to him.     


“Our Father, who art in Heaven,

Hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done,

On earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day, our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  Amen.”




Copyright © 2004 Joan Y. Edwards